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Communities For Children supports families to provide safe stable environments, quality learning opportunities, school engagement, and to improve health and well-being of children creating strong child-friendly communities.

To improve the health and well-being of families and the development of young children, from before birth through to age 12 years, paying special attention to:

  • Healthy young families – supporting parents to care for their children before and after birth and throughout the early years;
  • Supporting families and parents – support for parents to provide children with secure attachment, consistent discipline and quality environments that are stable, positive, stimulating, safe and secure;
  • Early learning – provide access to high quality early learning opportunities in the years before school; provide early identification and support for children at risk of developmental and behavioural problems; assist parents with ways they can stimulate and promote child development and learning from birth; and
  • School transition and engagement – support children and families to make a smooth transition to school and work with local schools to assist children and families with their ongoing engagement with school.
  • To create strong child-friendly communities that understand the importance of children and apply this capacity to maximise the health, well-being and early development of young children at the local level.

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CFC Committee From left to right : Sarah Brown, Sarah Lapthorn, Kula Manuka Stan Jones , Anne Holden, Donna Mahoney

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