Behana Gorge

Behana Gorge is one of Cairns’ best kept secrets. Rarely visited by tourists, this is a local secret spot. It is probably less frequented than other water holes around Cairns as the walk to the top of the gorge (where the best and most pristine swimming spots are) is a long one.
To get to Behana Gorge, drive south past Gordonvale. Once you pass the pyramid (a pyramid shaped hill to your right) you will see a road off to the right – Behana Gorge Rd. This is the one to take! Drive to the end of the road through cane fields and park at the car park right at the end of the track. There is a 4WD track with a large pipe running alongside it, take this track. The walk is approximately 45 minutes and involves a few very steep hills. You will need some fitness to complete the walk, and the little ones will probably need to be carried at some point so bring the backpack if you have one. One of the benefits of this walk is that it is shaded in the morning and afternoon (not in the middle of the day) and it is wide enough to walk at least 4 abreast.
Towards the end of the track you will start to see some truly lovely waterholes. Some require a bit of rock-hopping to access and some are relatively easy to access. The water is cold and refreshing and flows very fast, especially after rain. Watch the little ones closely – we would recommend one adult per child around here - it can be dangerous at times, but it really is worth the effort. Behana Gorge supplies the water for Cairns and at the end of the track you will see some infrastructure and fencing as evidence of its purpose.
At the very end of the track, you will find a deep granite gorge and water- hole with a waterfall. A great reward for all that walking! Of course there are no shops here, so make sure you bring plenty of water, some snacks, sunscreen and insect repellent.