Paint Cairns South REaD

Paint Cairns South REaD

About the project

Paint Cairns South REaD is a community project which aims to promote the importance of reading to, singing to, playing with and talking with children from birth.

Developing a language rich environment and encouraging parents and carers to read to their children from birth will help equip children to be ready to engage with reading and writing at school.

Cairns Regional Council - Hambledon House is the lead community Organisation in partnership with Mission Australia’s, DSS funded Communities for Children program


Paint Cairns South REaD aims to

Ø  Raise awareness of the importance of developing a language rich environment for children by reading to, talking to, singing to and playing with children from birth.


Ø  Encourage all of the community to support the development of early literacy skills in our infants and pre-schoolers so that they will be ready for reading and writing at school.


Events and activities aimed at encouraging reading to children will be promoted and facilitated by Paint Cairns South REaD and Terry.

For more information, contact Hambledon House on: 40443410